A-Another LED enterprise into the semiconductor!

On January 24, Infinite announced plans to invest 30 million yuan to participate in the investment scale of 300 million yuan industrial fund, in order to expand the company's investment channels in the semiconductor industry.
30 million yuan to invest in semiconductor related industry fund.
The announcement showed that Inflight participated in the HangZhou Xinyue enterprise management partnership (limited partnership) initiated and set up a special equity investment fund, the name of the fund is Hangzhou Xinlan Micro venture Investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Xinlan Micro"), the scale of the fund raised 300 million yuan.
Xinlan Micro was founded in June 2020, mainly engaged in equity investment and venture capital.The investment direction of the fund includes: focusing on analog/digital-analog hybrid chips, power chips, 5G sensors and other fields of general analog chips, taking into account the investment opportunities of the whole system.
The general partner of Xinlan Micro is Xinyue management, and the fund manager is Hangzhou Silicon Core Equity Investment Co., LTD.Infinite invested 30 million yuan as a limited partner to subscribe the fund shares of Xinlan Micro.
This time, Xinlan micro absorbs Hangzhou High-tech Venture Capital Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou High Investment"), Hangzhou High-tech Venture capital Co., LTD., Yingfei Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., LTD., and other new limited partners to join the partnership, with a total subscribed capital of 200 million yuan increased.
Infinite said that through the investment industry investment fund, will make full use of the fund partners' professional team advantages, project resources advantages and platform advantages, actively looking for projects with good development prospects, in order to expand the company's investment channels in the semiconductor industry and obtain new investment opportunities and new profit growth points.
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