Beijing: Accelerate the Research and Development Process of Technologies and Products in the Third Generation Semiconductor and Other Fields By TDRFORCE LED: Professional LED Manufacturer & Supplier Directly from Factory

Jin Wei, deputy mayor and secretary general of Beijing, said Monday that efforts will be made to tackle key technologies in key areas to make up for weak links, the Securities Times reported.


First, we will promote breakthroughs in integrated circuit production and research. Second, carry out technological breakthroughs in key new materials and accelerate the R&D process of technologies and products in the third-generation semiconductor and other fields. The third is to focus on the key parts of the general type and make breakthroughs in the research and development of key parts of some instruments. Fourth, promote breakthroughs in the research and development of high-end instruments and equipment, and support the formation of a batch of customized scientific instruments and equipment that serve major scientific and technological infrastructure.


The third generation of semiconductor is one of the important contents of the development of high-tech industry of Beijing, September 2020, the first domestic gathered the whole industry chain of the three generations of half innovation base zhongguancun garden, shunyi landing around the electronics, power electronics, microwave, radio frequency three application field, the construction of the third generation of semiconductor technology, packaging test, reliability test and service of science and technology foundation platform 4.


It is worth noting that, up to now, Zhongguancun Shunyi Park has gathered more than 140 third-generation semiconductor enterprises, initially forming a whole industrial chain pattern from equipment to materials, chips, modules, packaging and testing and downstream applications.


Among them, there are 20 key industrialization projects for 5G communication, new energy vehicles, state grid, rail transit, artificial intelligence and other application fields, with a total investment of about 16 billion yuan, and an estimated annual output value of 22 billion yuan after reaching it.


The development level of the third-generation semiconductor industry is an important symbol of a country's modern economy and high-tech power, and it is also the focus of scientific and technological competition around the world. Beijing's attention to and support for the third-generation semiconductor industry will benefit the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

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