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As international Germany Berlin's free university political scientist mace nair says, "all kinds of forecast at the beginning of every year is very popular, this suggests that with the increase of the world of turmoil and volatility, the anxiety of people on the rise, desperately want to know the unknown", but "predict the future is just like looking for a black cat in a dark house, maybe there is no cat in the house", predicts there is always some risk, but can "expect the unexpected things more modern people's wisdom". For the LED industry, because of its development has a certain rule and strong continuity, but also has a certain predictability.


So, how will the LED lighting industry develop in the future? How many enterprises are very optimistic about the industry development? The Organizing Committee of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition specially organized a random sampling survey of thousands of LED exhibitors to sort out their views on the lighting industry and get a glimpse of it, or find out the general context of the development of the LED industry according to their predictions.


1、 LED industry "collapse", "shutdown" and "bankruptcy", "unpaid wages", "declining performance" and "loss" message appear frequently, industry like a...Does the LED fail?

51.10% of enterprises believe that the current situation of LED industry is not so bad, the development of lighting industry is gradually slowing down, and the market has basically matured.33.30% of enterprises believe that the current lighting market still has a huge market development potential. Under the national macro-control policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting growth, major infrastructure construction will gradually accelerate, LED lighting industry, especially outdoor lighting market will usher in the outbreak stage, and the industrial spring will finally come.15.60% of the enterprises believe that product quality is uneven, low price competition is still the main trend of the industry, the industry reshuffle is still continuing, LED market integration is beginning, the living space of small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to shrink, there will be a large number of enterprises closed down.


2、 intelligent lighting, plant lighting, car lighting and so on......What sectors are most promising for companies?

As can be seen from the above table, intelligent lighting is the most frequently mentioned high-frequency word in the industry forecast among the exhibitors surveyed by us. Most enterprises believe that intelligent lighting is the main trend of the industry development. As for when will intelligent lighting usher in the outbreak period? Companies have different opinions, with different opinions about two years, five years or ten years. Some enterprises believe that with the rise of intelligent lighting, cross-industry competition is gradually revealed, which gives some other intelligent strengths of the company began to switch to the lighting industry opportunities. Plant lighting and car lighting are other areas they mentioned, adding that as the industry enters an era of low profits, many companies will aggressively expand into niche markets.


  • What kind of enterprises will survive in the future? What is the most important element for the survival of LED enterprises?


What kind of enterprises can survive the complex and changeable industry development in the future? What is the development goal of the enterprise? In our survey, 63.33% of exhibitors will launch high cost performance products or achieve the extreme cost performance as their own development goal;56.67% of the exhibitors mentioned quality, they believe that under the competitive pressure of international brands, more and more enterprises will pay attention to product standards and quality in the future; In addition to improving quality, innovation is also indispensable. 43.33% of the exhibitors believe that enterprises need to continuously innovate and improve the level of research and development and design in order to survive better. In addition, there are also many enterprises believe that the LED industry will form a polarization in the future, one pole is to do volume, scale of the company, to scale to win; The other pole is small and fine enterprises, they are based on the development of new high-margin market, differentiation, specialization, specialization will also become the main trend of industry development.

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