The two Micro LED display companies have announced a partnership!

JBD, a Hong Kong-based micro-LED display company, and Kopin, a US-based developer of micro-display technology, announced on January 7 that they will jointly develop ultra-bright monochrome Micro LED micro-displays.
Under the agreement, Kopin will use LED epitaxial wafers and hybrid integration technology services provided by JBD to produce 1-inch monochrome 2K by 2K microdisplays on silicon substrates.
Kopin, a U.S. developer and supplier of display and optical technology, currently produces LCD, LCOS and OLED microdisplays, according to the filings. The company sees great potential in LED technology for ultra-high brightness and low-power displays and has developed several Micro LED display technologies (US 5,300,788, 5,453,405, and 6,403,985).
Founded in 2015, JBD announced its proprietary wafer level monolithic hybrid material integration technology at the end of 2017, which combines Micro LED Lei wafers with IC wafers and then removes Micro LED growth substrates. This process realizes the transfer of the monolithic crystal layer (excluding the substrate), and integrates the Micro LED epitaxial crystal with the corresponding silicon IC wafer.
In 2018, JBD introduced red, green and blue actively driven Micro LED displays with color projection through an optical synthesis technology licensed from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In addition, JBD has introduced green Micro LED AR products, which can also maintain good display effect in ambient light.
In 2019, JBD launched its 600DPI dual-color Micro LED display, which uses a special wafer level transfer technology to transfer red and green semiconductor LEDs to silicon-based CMOS backboards. In addition, JBD also introduced a 2.5μm pitch, 10,000 DPI monochrome Micro LED display, brightness up to 1 million nits, resolution of 5000×4000.
In the first half of 2020, JBD announced the development of 0.13 inch (3.3 mm) VGA Micro LED single red display, and in November officially launched JBD4UM480P series AMμLED Micro display products, that JBD currently produces and sells VGA Micro LED monochrome (red, green and blue) microdisplays in its pilot production line.
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