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Customized Product

• Designated LED Chip ( brand options: Cree, Samsung, Osram, Philips, Bridgelux, Epistar or Sanan, etc. ) or special color temperature

• Driver ( brand options: Mean Well, Philips, Inventronics, Moso, etc. )

• Lamp Housing: The color and style can be custom-made according to the drawings or specified style

Customized Solutions

• Energy-saving & Environmental Solutions: Combined with the customer's energy-saving requirements, provide proper lighting products and intelligent lighting control systems. Through reasonable energy management and automatic dimming and other functions to realize the energy conservation and emission reduction.

• Lighting Control System Design: Make a proper lighting control system to achieve brightness or light color adjustment, timing switch, etc. based on customers' needs. Set up the pre-set scene modes or make control schemes linkable with other intelligent devices based on different scenes.

• Intelligent Lighting Solution: According to the client's needs, provide the overall intelligent lighting solution, including normal control, remote control, and sensor control, and integrated with the building automation system to improve the convenience and efficiency of the lighting system.

• Lighting System Optimization: Provide the performance optimization solution of the present lighting system specifically.

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